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Modular Extensions

Our quick build Modular Extensions can be install to your property within days. The solution allows you to have a single storey or two storey extension built offsite in one of our Modular Warehouses then delivered on a day to suit.

The new space is built in the factory and bespoke to your property, all come fully fitted so we do as much as we can in the factory so that when we deliver and install your new space the light fitting, and doors are in place.


Homeowners today are extending properties to create more space, it’s often cheaper than moving house, but also allows you to stay in the property you love but create the extra space your family needs.


In today’s modern world property extension are more creative than they have ever been, our unique solution is not only tailored to the property and what they want, but our approach to build off site in our factory and then delivery and lift into place is what makes us different from many other companies.


So, you tell us what space you want to achieve and with our fully managed service we will take care of planning, design, build and ensuring we tailor make you space to your specifications.